Camel Safaris

Happy Camels & Happy Customers

Relax on a camel cart or ride on camel back and discover the age-old way of traveling in the Rajasthan desert.

Travel the Thar desert. Rest around a campfire. Sample traditional Rajasthan food. Watch Gypsie dancing and listen traditional Rajasthan music. Admire the sunset and the sunrise over the sand dunes. Stumble across traditional villages, temples and farming areas.

We will pick you up directly from your hotel in Pushkar. You are then introduced to your camel and the camel men. Each camel has his own rider who sits behind you for your safety but you are free to take the reins and ride the camel.

You can choose to ride for as little as 1 hour and as much as you desire. We’ll cross Rajasthan North to South with you if that’s what you want. After the desert safari, you will be dropped back safely to your hotel with lots of photos to show friends and family.

What To See

  • Watch Sunset/sunrise
  • Discover Traditional villages
  • Explore Sand dunes
  • Explore rose farms
  • Visit Temples
  • Spot Wildlife
  • Meet locals
  • Learn Rajasthan culture
  • Sample Rajasthan food
  • Listen to Rajasthan music
  • Watch Gipsy Dancing,
  • Sleep under the stars in the desert
  • Sleep in a temple
  • Sleep in a villager’s home
  • Sleep in a luxurious desert camp