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Start your Desert Camel Safari at 9:30am from your hotel and set for an unforgettable camel safari through rural india, its farm land and traditional villages and its magnificent desert.

Visit gipsy villages and spot antipopes, colorful birds, rabbits and cobras. Visit the Savitri temple and enjoy the view of the Thar desert and the city of Pushkar at the top of the hill. Then set for a journey across time deep in the Thar desert. Have lunch under a Bunya tree in the middle of the sand dune, a wonderfull break from the burning sun. Slowly make your way to the camp to spend one night under the star or in a tent. Enjoy a show of Gispy dance and traditional Rajhastan music around a Thali, the traditional vegetarian Indian meal cooked on the fire.

You will also have the opportunity to see at least one sunrise and one sunset in the desert during your journey. We will bring you back to your hotel after sunset on the 2nd day of your trip.

If you want to eat meat, drink alcohol or even wear a Rajasthan traditional dress, don’t hesitate, we want to make this holiday unforgettable. Camel Desert Safari

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