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Take an unforgettable ride on horse back and discover the magic of the Thar desert, the Aravali hills and the traditional farming villages of Pushkar.

The tour start at your hotel at 2pm. Travel through the traditional farming villages of Pushkar and watch farmers harvesting roses in the fields. Watch out of parrots, King Fisher and deers and make your way to the desert.

Enjoy a magical sunset with chai and slowly come back to your hotel at 6pm with your head full of memories and stunning views.

The Marwari horse used to be the horse of the kings. Bred for war and show, they are pride, courageous and loyal. We invite you to meet and ride these very exceptional horses and understand the culture of Rajasthan, which is so deeply entangled with these horses.

If you want anything else, let us know, we can arrange.

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