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It is perfect if you only have two days in Pushkar but want to make the most out of it. This Overnight Camel Safari start at 3:30pm, includes dinner, night under the stars and breakfast and returns in Pushkar at 10:30am the day after.

In two days you can do it all:

  • Experience riding a camel
  • Watch the sunset over the sand dunes
  • Sleep under the starts in the silence of the desert

And still have time to

  • Go to the holy lake
  • Visit the Brahma temple
  • Wander in the market

From 3pm, travel through rural India and its traditional village, vegetables and rose farms. Spot Parrots and King Fisher, watch shepherds walking their goats and slowly enter the Thar Desert. Go through the sand dunes and prickly bush to watch the spectacular Rajasthan sunset over the Aravalli Hills.

Enjoy a Traditional Rajasthan Dinner around the fire and fall asleep watching the stars in the silence of the desert.

Wake up early to see the sunrise (or sleep in the warming rays of the morning sun). On your way back you’ll see a different part of the desert and will go through gipsy camps.

You will be back in Pushkar at 10:30am.

Dinner, Breakfast, night camp with bedding and mattress, chai and bottle water is included. Only bring a warm jacket, a hat, your camera and your enthusiasm, we take care of the rest.

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